P&A Consultores is a business consultant launched in Europe in 1987, bringing together a team of professionals specialised in corporate consultancy.

Its international activity started in 1996 with the opening of its first office abroad, in South America, to cater for clients operating in the region.

It currently has offices in 15 countries and works in a total of 64 countries, over four continents, providing services on an international scale.

Our philosophy is to work in collaboration with our clients, sharing a common objective, attending to the diversity and reality of each country.

Our main activity is to search and create business opportunities for our clients in the different countries, as well as to aid businesses and other companies in establishment and international operations of any nature.

We are backed by our own teams of professionals with a very extensive number of partners, associates and collaborators, both local and international, in the countries where we operate.

International Presence

International Presence